‘It’s like a disease’: Our editor Bree on why she had to launch C! News

‘It’s like a disease’: Our editor Bree on why she had to launch C! News

Imagine being so in love with a city that when you’re not writing about it, it hurts. 

Like, physically hurts.

This is the challenge I face with not one but two cities: the shiny, young, confident Australian Capital Territory and its older, smaller, wrinkled and completely toothless brother Queanbeyan, my home town. 

I trained as a journalist in the 1990s at The Queanbeyan Age and since then I literally see everything as a potential story. A pair of old trousers. A set of identical twins. A woman who named her daughter after her favourite book character. A new strip joint opening in Fyshwick. It’s like a disease – and I’m hoping C! News is the cure.

Hard at work at 17 as a cadet journalist for The Queanbeyan Age.

C! News is an entertainment website starring the people, events and idiosyncrasies of Canberra and its border sibling Queanbeyan. I’m a pop culture fanatic so you’ll see lots of that – sex, death, fast food, trends, fashion, celebrity and, as someone who grew up eating the Alice in Wonderland at Pancake Parlour and riding the rollercoaster at Canberry Fair, a huge dose of nostalgia.

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As the former lifestyle editor of The Canberra Times, it’s a publication that holds a hugely special place in my heart. I’m proud of the work the journalists at The RiotACT are doing and HerCanberra and Canberra Weekly have been staples for me since they launched. 

My pop culture fascination extends to annual birthday shoots. This was the ‘Glow’ theme in 2018. Photo: Lightbulb Studio

But there’s something missing for me in the Canberra media landscape. It’s stories about non-assuming and very average people. (Who, it turns out, aren’t so average once you sit down with a cuppa, a tape recorder, and nowhere else to be.)

For me, the old woman who puts the chips in the deep frier at Hughes Takeaway has the kind of story that trumps 10 articles out of the legislative assembly on a good day.

Interviewing Queanbeyan funeral director Jason Codey for C! News.

If there’s something missing for me in the stories being told about Canberra and Queanbeyan, maybe there’s something missing for you too. I hope C! News can fill a little part of that gap.

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I promise something new and fascinating every day. But more importantly, I want your direct input on stories – I’m talking sending us ideas, voting on what we cover next, and calling us out when we’re being less than f***king amazing.

Happy reading!
Bree x
C! News editor

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