9 Canberra Airbnbs you’ll probably want to book immediately

9 Canberra Airbnbs you’ll probably want to book immediately

As a Canberran, I’ve done the good old staycation more than once – to be close to the city, for a change of scenery, for birthdays or anniversaries, and I’ve spent a decent amount of time checking out the local Airbnb stock. I’ve done this for two main reasons: first and foremost, I’m a stickybeak, and secondly, to hook up interstate guests or colleagues with somewhere cosy to rest their tired heads. 

The hosts below have some of the coolest, quirkiest and cosiest cribs on the Canberra Airbnb market. Check it out:

1. Brutal, but a true sensory experience.

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If you’re like me and your heart beats hard for brutalism, you’ll not only feel right at home in Canberra, you’ll adore Kasey’s two-bedroom apartment in Kingston. The property is a total sensory experience to boot; furnished in wool, leathers, linen and organics perfectly married to the industrial vibe of the fixtures and fittings. Yep, I’d live here. 

2. A place to write the next great Australian novel.

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If you’ve dreamt of calling the leafy inner north suburb of Hackett home, step right up. This divine studio could be the perfect location for authoring a great Australian novel, puzzling over 1000 piece puzzles, sipping tea, and contemplating life’s great mysteries, surrounded by eclectic furniture and views to Mt Majura. Sorry kids, mum’s busy this weekend. 

3. Katsura Haus: East meets West in the bush capital.

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So now I have an inner north hankering for inner peace, I find myself ogling Rich and Yumi’s Katsura house, where they host a stunning garden studio with an oriental flair. By the looks of things, you’d be mad to miss this Watson gem in Autumn because the gardens really come to life in mid-May, as does all of deliciously deciduous Canberra.

 4. A charming tiny house in the heart of old Griffith.

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And now for something completely different. Located in the inner south is Irma’s quaint little tiny house, which, to be fair, is so cool I would happily live in it (although I don’t think my husband and small kids would be down with it).  It features comfortable accommodation for two with access to Irma’s garden and pool, free parking, free wifi, and very Instagrammable décor. 

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5. Views! City! Lake! Nightlife!

Photo: Airbnb.com.au

Stuart’s got the goods when it comes to this very flash one-bedroom apartment in the stunning Nishi building, with views to the Brindabellas, free parking, and the delicious New Acton at your doorstep. Oh, did I mention there’s a sneaky view from the bed?

6. Pretend you’re cool enough to live at Midnight.

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The marketing of Geocon’s Midnight was dark, sultry and a little on the nose. If you’re keen to see what all the fuss was about, Fiona’s two-bedroom apartment might be just the ticket. Ultra clean and sophisticated, its gold bathroom hardware has me swooning *face transforms to love heart eyes emoji*.

7. There’s cool, and then there’s your own tiny atrium.

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Excuse me while I sip on my almond-milk-iced-chai-latte in my one-bedroom apartment’s very own atrium. I am so trendy and relaxed in Daniel’s stunning Braddon apartment I can barely hear the other trendy people outside jogging along Lonsdale Street. This place is super cool, located in the architecturally-stunning Nibu building, with all the essential freebies (parking and wifi of course).

8. Must love doggos.

Photo: Airbnb.com.au

Shout-out to this property for being the only one in town hosted by a Labrador. Sammy and her owner Kaley have a room available in this bangin’ Braddon apartment, complete with your own bathroom and kettle. Perfect for those of you who love a holiday with a side of canine cuddles. 

9. Big enough for you and seven besties.

Photo: Airbnb.com.au

You and your seven besties will find yourselves at home here in no time. Located in Acton is this three-bedroom, ground floor unit with tree-lined views back into the city, all the amenities you could need, and within walking distance of both New Acton and Canberra Centre. 

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